Chevalier’s Book Clubs

05-mens-book-club.w536.h357.2xCome one, come all! Did you know that we have a devoted and delightful book club here at Chevalier’s Books?  Fill up on your enthusiasm for the  written word with your fabulous fellow bibliophiles every month. Make friends, keep current and get a discount, all in one.

How it Works:

  • Club-members pick a date — usually it’s  a Tuesday — each month to meet and have a loose, free-wheeling discussion facilitated by our very own dedicated and book-mad staff-member, Drew.
  • The vote is cast for the next paperback selection, two months out.
  • All book club members receive a price-smashing 15% discount for their chosen book!

This month’s Book: Frederik Backman’s A Man Called Ove

This month’s date: Tuesday, January 17th, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


New! Starting 2017!!The Middle Grade Council Convenes and The Youth Squad Meets

We’re proud to announce that our resident YA/MG aficionado, the one and only Jay, introduced two brand new clubs for Middle Grade and YA readers  at the top of 2017.

The Middle Grade Council will pick a date to meet in February. They have chosen two new books :Skellig, by  David Almond  and Ghost, by  Jason Reynolds

The Young Adult Squad will pick a date to meet in February. They are currently still reading More Than This, by Patrick Ness

YA and Middle Grade: we encourage snacks and will help participants pool money for group pizza funds!🍕 and make sure to order your books on time to reserve your spot!

RSVP here  to join up & to order your book, call 323-465-1334 .